Email on the go

Email no need to worry about missing yours

Email is a funny old thing, sometimes we have technology at our fingertips and all our emails go to our phones or tablets etc and hey that’s great.

But sometimes there are times when you can’t get access to that pop3 email on the go because all the settings are tied to your computer at home or work.

email from mail2webWell this great service has been a saviour to us many many times and FYI this is one of many services like this but as it is the one we have used it’s the one we will tell you about it’s called mail2web

As you can see the link here is NOT an affiliate link. We mention this if you decide to use it we gain nothing from it except knowing that we have passed on some great knowledge about what we see as a good service.

Word of warning though don’t rely on it fully.

We are always suspicious of third party services knowing our email login details and the one thing we always do once we use a third party company like this is to change our email password as soon as we have the chance to do so.