Security it really is important

Security it’s up to you

Security we know that sometimes you think that things are yours and to a degree they are and we are sure you’d like to keep them that way.

The problem is there are people who there who want what you have and a lot of that is information.

They will use it for many many reasons depending on what type of information they are able to get from you.

Because some of you are just giving it away for FREE, and while we all like free things in life finding out you gave access to others to your information for free we are sure is not what you had in mind.

Security really is important from your computer to your tablet,laptop and mobile phone.

Most mobile phones today are mini computers, now think of all that you do on your phone and to think you could be giving that information away for free should really concern you.

The best way to prevent this and stick it to those who would like to steal your information is to have good security on these devices.

Yes it may cost you a bit of money but then what’s the alternative? Letting people you don’t know have access to so much information?

Don’t assume that every lovely picture you are sent on your phone is just a cute picture of a kitten, click on it and you may just be unleashing a trojan, virus or even malware onto your device.

This allows others to have access to information that you feel is very personal to you after all it is YOUR information and how dare anybody take that on you.

But think again you did after all allow them access, it seems that people are way too carefree thinking their phone, and other devices are secure. The bad news is security does not appear automatically on your devices.

security for your pcYOU yes YOU have to do it yourself after all it is YOUR phone and YOUR Information, and it is YOU that will go a bit mental when YOUR details are stolen, bank account emptied or something else happens that involves information taken from YOU that will affect YOUR life.

So YOU should do something to take control of this and do it TODAY

Here are links to great security software that YOU should download onto your devices

AVG is great free security software if you can afford to upgrade then please do it will give you a much much better service.

The one we recommend from our personal experience is AVAST fantastic security software and the one we use on all devices on a constant basis.

One other bit of FREE software we must advise you to add onto computers and laptops and any kind of mobile device is Malwarebytes¬†again this software is one we highly recommend. This software really knows it’s stuff has been around nearly since the birth of the internet and has saved many computers from nasty things. YOU NEED THIS !

Don’t leave security up to others, if you do so then you may end up paying an almighty price, and others will of gained from your lack of thoughtfulness.

Look how hard you have worked to get what you have today, why give that way unless of course it does not matter to you.