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Back Up your site it’s important

Back up if you have now made the move and created a new website chances are you will of used wordpress. You may of done this for many reasons one of them being the core software is free.

From the free wordpress software you can add various themes and plugins to make your site look and feel how it you want it to. So now you have your site looking great!

Did you remember to backup your website? This is the one thing a lot of people forget about and why because they always assume that the webhost will do it for you WRONG!

Some webhosts will and others will charge you a nice big fee for the pleasure. But you can do it yourself and for a lot lot less than a webhost fee. You don’t need a degree in webhosting or coding either.

Updraft Plus is great software for doing this and keep in mind there are plenty of other programs like backup buddy but we find Updraft Plus to be the easier option.

Think about the amount of time you have spent in creating your website, not to mention the cost of the hosting and domain name.

That’s a pretty good investment that you should keep secure don’t you think? One way of doing that is by having a “back up” of your website.

You will be glad you used great software to back up your website it will save you hours and hours of time knowing that you have a copy safe and sound.

Don’t allow yourself to get overcharged by your webhost just to get your site back online. Don’t allow the hackers to win and never assume your site is safe.

Grab yourself a copy of Updraft Plus and give yourself peace of mind.