Spam Prevention

Spam lets help prevent it

Spam Lets prevent it

Spam prevention is like a full time job at times because the spammers are getting smarter and learning. It can be hard to spot a fake email and prevent it from hitting your hard drive.

Spam has many roles it can be to get you to login to a website that looks like one you have been on before for example your bank, your internet service provider and so on.

This is called Phishing and we all like to think we can spot a fake a mile away, but you’d be surprised.

The other reason people send you spam emails is to allow the email to trigger malware, spyware, Trojans and perhaps a virus as well. Once it hits your hard drive this could cause all kinds of trouble for you.

We here at Dynastymail use (and have done for years) Mailwasher Pro, you would be surprised how good it is at spotting spam emails.

The great things is that when you have set your Mailwasher Pro up all the emails you see are on the server, so you get to read them before they ever get to hit your hard drive. Can you imagine the time and hassle this could save you?

Watch the video below and just for yourself, once you get used to it you’ll love how it handles emails and saves you from allowing bad stuff onto your hard drive.

Now you have seen how powerful and easy this is to use we hope that we have informed you enough to want to prevent spam from hitting your hard drive by using Mailwasher Pro

You would secure your house to prevent burglars, so why not secure your computer by ensuring that spammers don’t get to invade your inbox. You’ll be thankful one day that you took the time to invest in keeping spam mail away from your hard drive.

Mailwasher Pro also has a great mobile version as well making sure and preventing spam from hitting your inbox while you are out and about